Automobile Accident Can Cause Dizziness and Double Vision

One of the more distressing symptoms of neck and spinal cord injury from being involved in an automobile accident is waking up one morning and feeling dizzy . Dizziness is a clear sign that something is wrong and can be an after affect of severe neck and back injuries. Having experienced a concussion or brain trauma can leave a person feeling dizzy for weeks or months afterward and can be a critically disabling condition. Imagine trying to go to work and perform your job as a machine operator or other manual job when you are unable to physically focus you vision on the task at hand. Some symptoms of dizzyness are so severe a person can have trouble walking or standing upright. Chronic persistent dizziness can be addressed by a thorough chiropractic examination of the spine to pinpoint an area that may be the root cause of the dizziness.

Another common symptom of automobile injuries that could be caused by a neck or spinal injury is double vision. All of the points mentioned above apply to double vision equally as they do to dizziness. Often dizziness and double vision go hand in hand to amplify the severity of the condition.

A consultation with a chiropractic physician will prepare a plan to coordinate any treatments with your other health care professionals to create an total approach to your treatment. We will analyze any medical records that you can bring with you to determine what prognosis you’ve been given and treatment your currently undergoing and coordinate a program of chiropractic care with all of your health care professionals. We will review your x-rays and examine your recent medical records. Our goal is to isolate a certain area in your neck or spine that is most likely to be causing your dizziness or double vision and treat the area accordingly. Realigning your spine in that area and giving the nerves and tendons the space needed to strengthen and rejuevenate could be helpful in eliminating your dizziness and double vision.

Dizziness and double vision effects every facet of your life from your home to your work. You could cause grave injury to yourself or others if you attempt to lead a normal life without seeking chiropractic treatment for these conditions. It is critical to visit your Chiropractor in Arlington Tx immediately after an automobile accident if you are experiencing dizziness or double vision.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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