Common Symptoms of Auto Accident Injuries

Another common symptom of automobile injuries that could be caused by a neck or spinal injury is blurred vision. Blurred vision must be taken seriously as it may be a symptom of a severe injury like a concussion or brain trauma. You may also be suffering from a detached retina or you may be suffering the side effects of the strong pain medications that you have been prescribed. But once those severe injuries are ruled out by a thorough medical examination, you may consider treating your recurring blurred vision with a program of regular chiropractic treatments.

As with all injuries that require chiropractic care, our Chiropractor in Arlington Tx will work with your other health professionals to provide a holistic approach to treating your blurred vision. Our goal through x-rays and examining your recent medical history is to isolate the vertebrae or disc in your neck or back that may be bruised, stretched, compressed, twisted or stretched. Any of these injuries could be causing the pain that is referred to your other sensory organs and weakening your vision. When your neck or spinal injury is diagnosed, we can begin to treat it.

The types of treatment that we may recommend vary from person to person and from injury to injury. In general, compressed vertebrae may require stretching and massage to realign the spinal column properly. Torn or bruised tendons and ligaments may respond to heat and massage treatments where other injuries may require all of the above. The key is doing a thorough diagnosis of your unique condition before recommending any of the above therapies. Finally, following a period of resting, a program of strengthening and conditioning of the muscles of the total back, neck and spine is critical to support your newly conditioned spine.

Blurred vision may be the most severe injury you suffer in an automobile accident because blurred vision could lead to many other more severe injuries. If your job requires operating dangerous machinery or using sharp tools your lack of vision could injure or kill yourself or others. There are thousands of occupations, not to mention driving again, that require good eyesight to perform. If you are suffering blurred vision obtain from using machinery or driving until the problem is rectified. Finally, it is advisable after an automobile accident to visit a chiropractic doctor to examine your neck and spine.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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