Sleeping can be the cause of chronic back and neck pain

Sleeping can be the cause of chronic back and neck pain.

When you think about it, we spend more time sleeping, approximately one-third of our life, than we engage in any other activity. If a person lives to be 66 years old, they have actually slept for a total of 22 years! That’s a long time to be in one position and it underscores the need to have a mattress and pillow that custom fits your body type and makes you comfortable. Being more comfortable when you sleep not only will help prevent back and neck pain but also contribute to getting a good night’s sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can help you be more productive during the day and more successful in your career. Being back-pain free can make you more physically active, which in turn helps you burn more calories, stay fitter and ultimately more healthy. Enough can not be said of the importance of getting a comfortable and sound night’s sleep. Getting a proper night’s rest may be the most important thing you ever do.

How do you select a proper and affordable mattress? To start, there is no one who knows your individual spinal column better than your Chiropractor in Arlington Tx. The best way to select a good mattress is to take the advice of the mattress and pillow experts at Brewer Chiropractic. The proper alignment of your spine is our business and we are knowledgeable in the orthopedic mattress and pillow market. We can advise you, based on an analysis of your individual spine and neck structure on the type of mattress and pillow to select, how to select the proper degree of firmness, and on the proper type of material for your mattress and pillow.

There is no better way to live a happy, healthy, and pain-free life than to upgrade your mattress and pillow today. The process starts with a visit to Brewer Chiropractic for a complete spinal column examination and a conference to educate you on the various types of mattresses and pillows available that could help you to get a sounder night’s sleep. When you think about it, visiting Brewer Chiropractic and selecting the proper mattress and pillow is the most important investment you will ever make!

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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