Get Your Sleeping Positions Right

The most commonly experienced pain condition in the United States is back pain. Around 60 million people in the country have suffered from a recent bout of back pain, and 80% of all Americans will experience back ache issues at some point of time. However, as common as back pain is, the back also responds well to small preventive and curative measures. Small changes and patterns in everyday life can help reduce back pain dramatically, depending on the cause.

Get Your Sleeping Positions Right

Chiropractors can never overstate the importance of getting the sleeping position right. It is great to start experimenting with a comfortable bed, and various sleeping positions. It is usually recommended to sleep on the side, on a fairly firm surface, to avoid the spine from curving. Spine curvature can further augment the pain. Try and sleep in a neutral position to take stress off the back. Consider keeping a pillow in between the knees. This helps you sleep more comfortably and soundly. If you sleep on your back, push a pillow below the knees to achieve a better position. This position can be highly effective following a spinal surgery.

Those experiencing lower back pain should avoid sleeping on their stomach. When you sleep on the stomach, the spine gets twisted when the head turns to either direction. If this is the only way you sleep, slide a pillow under the abdomen and do not use a pillow under the head.

The Right Surface

Many chiropractors are of the opinion that when it comes to selecting the ideal mattress and pillow, there is nothing that works the same for everyone in general. While some individuals experience more relief on a firm, hard surface, others prefer a soft mattress. If you have the option of trying your bedding for night, check what works best for giving you some relief from pain during sleep. If you are planning to invest in a new bed, get a more supportive one with plywood. It helps to have a plywood sheet below the mattress for that added firmness to help you sleep well, and reduce back pain.

Chiropractors to the Rescue

Arlington chiropractors are among the best professionals who can advise on sleeping effectively for back pain relief. A qualified chiropractor will thoroughly analyze the medical history of patients, perform lab tests, study their posture and sleeping patterns, and finally work out an appropriate and effective treatment for the pain.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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