Wearing The Wrong Shoes

Modern society has changed the expectations we have for our body and not necessarily in a good way. Thousands of years ago humans did not ride in automobiles, fly in planes, or ride bicycles. Nor did a person sit at a computer eight hours per day. And when you stop and think about it, humans weren’t born wearing shoes either. Today we take wearing shoes, sandals or sneakers for granted and shoes are purchased off of the shelf with no custom fitting. Could wearing improperly fitting shoes be the root cause of your back pain? When you think about it the answer is probably yes.

One of the features of wearing shoes is that they protect one’s feet and that’s obviously a good thing. Our bodies were designed with tender feet for a reason. Foot pain is an early warning system that tells a person they are moving improperly. Pain in the toes and delicate sole of our feet act telling us that something about your mobility may be amiss and to stop moving or at least slow down. In the absence of foot pain stimuli, humans continue a particular behavior, like running dangerously long distances or walking on challenging terrain and more permanent serious back injuries can result. However, wearing shoes also allows a person to walk and run much more comfortable. In addition, wearing improperly fitting shoes can cause a person to simply stride unnaturally and cause hip joint pain as well as back pain. Existing foot pain can cause an individual to change their gate and stride and lead to back pain and discomfort.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain it is important to start at the bottom with a foot examination by a Chiropractor in Arlington Tx who can see if you are wearing the proper type of shoes, sandals or sneakers. If you are experiencing chronic pack pain it is a great idea to have at least some of your footwear custom made. A thorough program of chiropractic pain treatment can recommend a shoe with the proper arch, proper width, and proper length. It is a good idea to take your shoes off and walk barefoot every day whenever possible in order to walk naturally and strengthen the muscles from your toes to your calfs.

A chiropractic examination is recommended to detect whether or not your footwear could be contributing to your lower back pain.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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