Migraine & Headache

A person who experiences an increase in the frequency of headaches from, say, one per month, to around one per week, should immediately seek an examination by a board certified neurologist referred by their local hospital. Using sophisticated testing equipment including an MRI, brain scan and other tests, a neurologist can rule out potential life-threatening conditions such as a brain hemorrhage, brain tumor or brain cancer. When more serious conditions are ruled out your physician may diagnose your condition as a migraine headache or the doctor may confirm a previous diagnosis. You are then encouraged to start a program of chiropractic treatment to realign your spine and neck properly in order to seek migraine headache pain relief.

Chiropractic treatments can have the effect of increasing the spacing and realigning the bony vertebrae in your spine that could be compressed from simply sitting long hours behind a desk. Increasing the spacing can relieve the pressure and pinching of delicate, sensitive nerves that could be referring pain to your head. Chiropractic treatment also can have the effect of releasing endorphins into your system that could provide temporary relief from your migraine headache, enough relief to perhaps get a good night’s sleep or function properly at work. You may be suffering from a slipped disc that is putting pressure on the nerves in your spine or neck and the pain is being referred throughout your head area.

Your doctor will most likely recommend surgery, a change of diet or might even prescribe powerful drugs that have potentially harmful side effects. Taking medication should be a last resort. Give a Chiropractor in Arlington Tx the chance to help relieve your migraine headache pain. Before you take the serious and irreversible treatments of surgery or medication give chiropractic a try for a month to eight weeks in order to relieve the pain at least temporarily and perhaps avoid needless surgery and drugs.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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