Repetitive motion Injuries

More than any other athletic endeavor, running and jogging cause more repetitive motion injuries to the hip, knee, ankle and foot than any other sport. Dare to say, there is not a single runner that has run for years that has not developed an injury of some sort. Hip, knee, ankle and foot pain are common, everyday occurrences for runners of all ages.

If not treated immediately, relatively minor hip, ankle or foot pain can degenerate into a serious condition that could require surgery. Running pain in the joints is a lot like neglecting to change the brake pads on your car. Over time the pads can wear out and the metal to metal contact that results when you step on the brakes can cause grooves to form in the rotors. It is 100 times more expensive to replace rotors than it is to replace the brake pads. Runners are much better off addressing their running pain immediately than they would ever be by ignoring them. For runners, getting chiropractic treatments is like changing the brake pads.

Runners are urged not to ignore the pain and push through to the finish line. It is critical that a runner stops running at the first sign of hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain and immediately seek chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor will be able to evaluate the extent of the injury and recommend a course of treatment. Rest from running is the most obvious form of treatment and that is accompanied by chiropractic adjustments of all of the joints from hip to toe as well as massage and heat treatments.

Occasionally runners have overdone it and seriously injured the ball and socket joint of the hips or torn the connective tissue around the knee joint or perhaps torn tendons and ligaments by spraining an ankle. In those cases, chiropractic treatments like the ones mentioned above are an integral part of a runner’s post-surgical rehabilitation if surgery is required.

If you are an active runner and are experiencing hip, knee, ankle or foot pain, call the experienced Chiropractor in Arlington Tx today.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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