Causes of Sciatica Back Pain

Causes of Sciatic Back Pain

Lower back pain or pain in the Lumbar region of the Spine is called Sciatica. Sciatica is common to a greater or lesser degree in most people in America. As a matter of fact, Sciatica is often citied as one of the leading causes of employee absenteeism as well. Sciatic back pain ranges from a minor discomfort when sitting, to as severe as not being able to move or get out of bed. The pain that you could be experiencing from Sciatica could be a dull, sharp or stabbing. If you are experiencing lower back pain don’t wait to visit a chiropractic physician for a complete spinal examination.

Very often Sciatic back pain can be caused by a sports injury or by improperly lifting a heavy object. Vigorous, repetitive motion sports like running or cycling are notorious for causing Sciatic back pain. Unfortunately, the first recommendation that a doctor will make is for you to stop running or riding your bike until the pain goes away. If your injury is work-related, a doctor may advise that you stay home from work and rest for a period of time. And heavy lifting is not the only way to injure your back at work. Simply sitting improperly at a computer or desk for hours at a time, can, over time, cause your lower spine become misaligned and put pressure on the nerves surrounding your spine in the Lumbar region and cause chronic pain.

Another way you may incur a lower back injury that results in Sciatica, is to carry a backpack or a heavy bag. If you are a traveler and wear a backpack while hurrying from place to place, or if you are forced to lift and carry a heavy suitcase you may experience, a muscle or tendon strain that causes Sciatica.

As every homeowner in the North is all too aware, shoveling show for a few months of the year is a way of life. The act of shoveling snow is a major cause of also causes lower back pain. Shovelling snow for the first time each year is the same as starting a gym exercise routine and you must approach this activity slowly and gradually. But going easy is not always an option and when it comes to snow removal, you might be better off by pre-arranging someone who has a snow plow to take over the heavy lifting for you.

These are just a few everyday activities that can be the cause of Sciatic, lower back pain referred to as Sciatica. You should understand the risks involved with each activity and go slowly at first. If you are experiencing lower back pain, don’t wait. Call the Sciatic lower back pain specialists at Brewer Chiropractic and make an appointment. Relief may be only a phone call away.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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