Spinal Stenosis

Our patients seek relief from pain in either specific parts of the body usually the head, neck, and spine. Certain spinal conditions can, however, can present other symptoms in addition to pain such as numbness and tingling or muscle weakness discomfort and can also lead to bladder and bowel dysfunction. One such condition that displays these symptoms is Spinal Stenosis.

Narrowing of the Spinal Column

The spinal column is made up of spaced vertebrae that are separated by invertebral discs and spinal cartilage that can narrow over the decades of one’s life and put pressure on the spinal cord. This pressure can cause the nerves that radiate from the spinal column and travel down and out to the legs and arms.

Spinal stenosis occurs mostly in people over the age of 55 years old but can be a symptom of any activity that causes a compression of the discs in between the vertebrae of the spinal column. Herniated discs, a tumor, any sports-related injuries,
car accident injuries or other injuries can eventually lead to spinal stenosis.

There are four or five specific symptoms to look for to determine spinal stenosis. The most frequent are sharp, pains shooting down the leg radiating from the lower back or buttocks. Another symptom is painful standing or painful walking. The most serious symptom that occurs in senior adults mostly is a loss of bowel or bladder control.

Our Chiropractor in Arlington Tx has treated all of these ailments effectively and our patients have returned to a healthy, active and pain-free lifestyle. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms seek a holistic, natural and non-evasive chiropractic examination first before agreeing to taking dangerous drugs or surgery.


This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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