Tennis Elbow

The elbow is one of our body’s most delicate and vulnerable points. Just ask anyone who has fought UFC fighter Rhonda Rousey who’s specialty grappling move is the “arm bar” submission. Rousey’s opponents know all too well that the elbow joint is designed to move in one and only one direction for about 180 degrees. Any stress beyond that can cause the elbow joint to bend and then snap at the elbow. While none of us will ever have our elbows subjected to such immediate traumatic stress, there are other forms of exercise such as playing tennis that can severely injure the elbow as well.

Tennis Elbow

When a person plays tennis, they are subjecting themselves to “mini arm bars” every time they extend their elbow joint fully and then swing to hit the ball. Over time the stress on the over-extended elbow joint causes inflammation> as the body tries to naturally heal itself from the mini yet repetitive over-extensions. Over time, the repetitive over-extension can cause the tendons and ligaments to stretch and even tear. In addition, the protective bursa sac that protects the elbow joint can rupture, releasing its fluids and cause extreme swelling.

Treatments for Tennis Elbow

There are many ways people attempt to cope with the pain of tennis elbow. One potential remedy for elbow joint pain is to stop playing tennis and to rest the elbow. Another is to continue to play tennis and wear an elbow brace which prevents the joint from ever extending the full 180 degrees, keeping it constantly somewhat bent. Another treatment is to take pain medications that block the pain while playing. Finally, there is the surgical option to drain the fluid from the joint and to repair any torn ligaments or remove torn cartilage. If you simply ignore the pain and continue to play tennis the problem will only get worse.

The Best Way to Treat Tennis Elbow

In our opinion, the best course of action to treat tennis elbow is to stop playing tennis for a period of time and to start a program of natural and holistic chiropractic treatment. This plan will have the benefits of preventing your injury from worsening and will give the body time to heal. Chiropractic care will ensure that as the elbow heals itself, it does so in the proper alignment and perfect elbow joint position to lessen the chances or re-injury. Our examination will tell if there may be a tear in the ligaments or cartilage that may require surgery.

If you are a tennis player or any other athlete that is experiencing elbow pain, give a Chiropractor in Arlington Tx a call today to schedule your exam. Schedule an examination and we can advise you of your best options that will get you back on the tennis court as soon as possible.

This website and article is published by Peter Mcree on 2016-01-13

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